National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • 2011 – National Science Foundation TUES Type II: Computational Thinking Through Computing and Music – $449,995 –One of two Co-PI’s with Jesse Heines, PI Computer Science Department.
  • 2007 – National Science Foundation CPATH CB: Performamatics: Connecting Computer Science to the Performing, Fine, and Design Arts – $368,162.00 One of five Co- Principal Investigators with Jesse Heines, PI Computer Science Department. In this project we propose the development of Performamatics, a specialty track that integrates computing with the performing, fine, and design arts.
  • 2009  RET Supplemental Grant – Research Experience for  Teachers (RET) to our CPATH grant. – Heines (PI) Award 0722161 Greher (CoPI)

UMass Sponsored Grants

Community Outreach & Public Service
  • 2017 UMass Lowell Transformational Education Initiative Mini-Grant – $2,000

    A service-learning project as part of a new music pedagogy class, Progressive Performance and Production that is focused on informal participatory music making practices both in schools and community settings.

  • 2014  UMass President’s Creative Economy Initiatives Fund- $40,000. Co-PI with Alan Williams
    • Discovering Cultural Identity and Self Identity: Creating Spaces for Cambodian-american Adolescents to explore their Cultural and Artistic Heritage. 
  • 2013   Service Learning Mini Grant- $1,000 – Investigating the Potential for the MaKey MaKey Invention Kit and the Melody Morph iPad App in Middle School Music Classrooms (PI)
  • 2011 – Healey Public Service Grant – $9,988 – iPads in the Classroom- Principal Investigator  –  With Suzanne Burton (CoPI) & S. Alex Ruthmann (CoPI)
  • 2008 – Healey Grant $4,800 – SoundScapes Ashleigh Hillier (PI),  Gena Greher (CoPI)
  • 2008 – Healey Public Service Grant -$5,000 – UML String Project- Kay G. Roberts (PI), Gena Greher (CoPI)

External Grants

Lowell Cultural Council
  • 2020  – Music, Acceptance and Well Being – $2040 – to bring the Me/2 orchestra ( founders along with their string players to UMass Lowell’s campus for workshops and panel  discussions on the healing effects of working in an open and supportive environment for people dealing with a variety of mental health issues along with providing a model for what that would look and sound like. There will be a teacher workshop and a coaching session with the UMass Lowell String Project students. The Me/2 orchestra was created for people with mental illness and the people who support them, to find acceptance and purpose through a stigma free working musical environment. 
Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz
  • 2015 – 2016 UNESCO/Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz – Music, Math and Intuitive Pathways to Understanding and Learning – $12,025 – This project is a contribution to the Math Science and Music Web Initiative https://mathsciencemusic.organd builds on Jeanne Bamberger’s work on rhythm, ratio, proportion, fractions and common multiples within her software program Impromptu. Our project Making Music Count draws ondeveloping students’ initially implicit knowledge of music and its inherent mathematics.
United Way of Merrimack Valley
  • Summer Experiences in Greater Lowell Initiative 2006 sponsored by United Way of Merrimack Valley-$4,000. Grant in support of the UMass Lowell String Project Summer program – Co-principal investigator with Dr. Kay G. Roberts (PI)
Information Technology 
  • 2006  – Professional Development Grant in Instructional Technology University of Massachusetts The Virtual Listening Room – $8,000 Principal Investigator
  • 2003 – Professional Development Grant in Instructional Technology for Academic Development for Licensure Preparation Web Site for the Massachusetts Educator Certification Tests in Music-$10,000.  Principal Investigator
  • 2004 CFCI (Committee of Federated Centers & Institutes) grant.  Co-Principal Investigator with Ann Benjamin of the Lowell Demonstration School-$8,500. 

    This project explores the relationships between technology and music to create an interdisciplinary approach for developing literacy skills.

Diversity Initiatives
  • 2007 – UML Diversity Initiative Funds – Tango with Ben Bogart y los Gatos Azules. – $500-Co-Sponsor with Paula Telesco
  • 2007 – UML Diversity Initiative Funds – Cultural Social Events and Exchange: Sitar and Tabla Instrumental PerformanceIndrajeet Banerjee & Gauri Shankar- $750 – Co-Sponsor with Supriya Lahiri and Alan Williams
  • 2005  – Council on Diversity and Pluralism Seed Grant-$3,000. Principal Investigator. Development of professional development workshops for Lowell area music teachers in developing strategies for teaching World Music.
  • 2004 Council on Diversity and Pluralism Seed grant-$3,000 Principal investigator for the development of professional development workshops for Lowell area music teachers in developing strategies for teaching World Music.
  • 2003 – Council on Diversity and Pluralism Seed grant-$1,500  Principal Investigator to oversee a group of Music Studies Juniors, Seniors and Grad students to work with Lowell area String Project participants in an exploration of their cultural heritage through the music of the students’ various cultures.