Courses  I Created or Co-Created
73.212 SoundThinking (3 credits)
  • Sound Thinking is an interdisciplinary elective for sophomore-level undergraduates that explores issues of sound production, musical form, or music in multimedia, depending on faculty and student interest. It is co-taught by Music and Computer Science Faculty and is an outgrowth of the NSF Award No. CNS-0722161, “CPATH CB: Performamatics: Connecting Computer Science to the Performing, Fine, and Design Arts.”.
 73.515  Curriculum Design in Music Education (3 Credits)


  • In this course students will construct an understanding of the process of curriculum design. We will focus upon the processes of framing and solving curriculum design problems in music education
Developed Curriculum for the Following Courses
73.420 General Music Methods 1 (3 Credits)
  • Designed to involve undergraduate students as active participants, the approach is multi-disciplinary within the field of music.  Includes pre-practicum observations.
 73.430  General Music Methods 2 (3 Credits)
  • This course provides an overview of the educational, philosophical and psychological rationales that support the varied musical experiences at all levels of music learning consistent with the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Framework.  Includes pre-practicum observations.
 73.410 Global Music for the Classroom (3 credits)
  • Music and its relationship to other subjects in the curriculum is explored as a means to facilitate student’s abilities to make cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary connections. Includes pre-practicum observations.
73.301  Technology in Music Education (3 credits)
  • The course will explore the technology available to classroom music teachers as well as their real world applications.
73.601  Master’s Seminar (3 credits)
  • This course examines the impact of popular culture on today’s youth and its implications for the study of music. Using music from various media as a springboard, there will be an emphasis on the development of multi-media teaching strategies for the K-12 music classroom.  Includes qualitative actions research project.