Refereed Papers, Presentations and Workshops

Sept 2021   Society of Music Teacher Education (SMTE) 2021 Biennial Symposium on Music Teacher Education

  • A Virtual Lab School: Developing a Multi-State Public School University Partnership to Benefit Minority Students– Presentation with Dr. Donald DeVito, Rawlings Elementary School in Gainesville FL and Dr. Sangmi Kang, Westminster Choir College, regarding the Virtual Lab School Pilot Project for observation and teaching experiences for music education students.

April 2021    12th International Research in Music Education (RIME) Conference April 6-9 Hosted online by Royal College of Music, London

  • Creative Music-Making at Your Fingertips: Embracing Digital Musicianship- Symposium organizer and convener for a panel consisting of Alice Hammel, James Madison University; Suzanne Burton, University of Delaware; Elissa Johnson-Green, UMass Lowell; Michele Kaschub, University of Southern Maine; Jesse Rathgeber, Augustana College; Janice Smith, Queens College CUNY; David Williams, University of South Florida

Oct 2020     2020 CMS / ATMI NATIONAL CONFERENCES –  Oct 9-11 and Oct 16-18   

  • Music Technology for All: A Project Based Approach for Student EngagementVideo Presentation and Demo

 July 2020 ISME Pre-Conference Seminar/Community Music 

  • Prog Ped: A Class in Participatory Music Pedagogy – Presentation with Savannah Marshall detailing examples of several of the projects and class activities our students are engaged with in order for them to facilitate participatory music making experiences in the community usinginformal/non-formal approaches to music making.

May 2020   MUSIC TEACHER EDUCATION IN THE AGE OF COVID-19-A Virtual Music Education Conference  – May 11, 2020

  • Considering Curriculum Design for Music Teacher Education in the Age of Covid-19 –Session Presenter and Session Moderator with Patrick Schmidt and David A. Williams

 October 2019 ATMI/CMS National Conference, Louisville, KY Oct 24-26

  • A Novice Guide for Making Music in Scratch – Presentation on beginning activities for incorporating music and coding for middle school students

May 2019 Visions of Research in Music Education: The Conference -Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey on May 24 and 25, 2019.

  • Music & Well Being:Teaching Non-Traditional Music Learners with Compassion and Empathy – Presentation on a Service Learning component for music education students to put into practice making music with participants who have a diversity of musical interests and abilities

March 2019   FabLearn Conference New York 2019 – 8th Annual Conference on Creativity and Fabrication in Education, Teachers College Columbia University, March 9-10, 2019

  • MakeyMaking and Music Creation: Making Meaning Through Words Pictures Sound and Science – Demo session of an interdisciplinary project linking literacy, art, music, coding and making.

Oct 2018     ATMI/CMS National Conference College Music Society (CMS) – Vancouver, BC. Oct 11-13, 2018       

  • A Collaborative School University Partnership at the Intersection of STEAM Integration.Panel presentation with Rachel Crawford, Music; Laura Schofield, Math; Holly Johnston, Music; Janet Koza Math from Lowell Public Schools
  • Teaching with Video –  Workshop demo for CMS Pre-Conference Technology Workshop,

March 2018  CMS-NE 39th Regional Meeting March 24-25, 2018, University of Delaware

  • Teaching Music for Everyone: Rethinking the Music Teacher Education Paradigm Paper presentation with Suzanne Burton, University of Delaware

March 2018   Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) All-State Conference – Boston MA March 1-3 2018

Oct 2017      ATMI/CMS National Conference College Music Society (CMS)

 – San Antonio, TX  October 26-28, 2017   

Community Music as Change Agent: Towards a Culture of Diversity and Inclusivity in Music Teacher Education- Panel presentation with David Myers, Augsburg University; Susan Helfter, University of Southern California; Lee Willingham, Laurier University

  •  Where are the Women’s Voices in Music Technology Education? – Paper presentation with Janice Smith, Queens College, CUNY.

May 2017       Walking the Boundaries, Bridging the Gaps -International Community Music Conference – Laurier University, Waterloo Canada May 11-13, 2017

Feb 2017        University of Delaware

Nov 2016      ATMI/CMS National Conference College Music Society (CMS)
- Santa Fe, New Mexico  October 27-29, 2016 

  • The MaKey MaKey Invention Lab as a School-Based Enrichment Block – Demo/Workshop Presentation
  • Defining Musicianship for the 21st Century Music Teacher – Paper presentation with Mike Testa Salem State University

Aug 2016      The Annual Interactive Multimedia Performing Arts Collaborative Technology (IMPACT) Conference NYU Steinhardt, Aug 3-6

  • Music, Math, Interdisciplinary and Intuitive Pathways to Understanding and Learning – Demo/Workshop on activities in Making Music Count Curriculum Project

July 2016      32nd World Conference 
International Society for Music Education, Royal Conservatoire of Music Glasgow, UK 24-29 July

  • Music, Math, Interdisciplinary and Intuitive Pathways to Understanding and Learning – Paper Presentation on Making Music Count Curriculum Project for

ISME Commission for Community Music Activity (CMA) Innovation and Change in Community Music, Edinburgh College, Edinburgh, UK 19-23 July

  • Teaching Outside the Box: Community Music Pathways as a Lens for Re-Imagining, Re-Defining, Re-Invigorating Music Teacher Education – Paper Presentation

April 2016    Panelist for the Thelonious Monk Institute’s Math Science Music Initiative. Press Launch at the US Department of Education with Secretary of Education John King Jr.

Feb 2016       The 33rd Annual Winter Roundtable “Cultural Competence in the Digital World: Trending #Apps, #Games, and #SocialMedia”, Teachers College, Columbia University, Feb 26 & 27, 2016

  • Music Technology and Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder – Paper presentation.

April 2015     The 9th International Conference in Research in Music Education (RIME),  Exeter University, Exeter, UK April 14-18, 2015

  • Technology Within Initial Teacher Education in Music: Cross-Continental Perspectives- Symposium – Paper -presentation and workshop, co-convener/chair with Marina Gall, University of Bristol, UK; presenter Stuart Wise, University of Canterbury, NZ; discussant Peter Webster, USC.

Jan 2015        UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center, Jan 15 & 16, 2015

Oct 2014        CMS/ATMI National Conference, , St. Louis MO Oct 31-Nov 2, 2014

  • What We Have Learned About iPads From Our Students as Co-Researchers –Paper Co-Presentation with Suzanne Burton (University of Delaware) and Frank Heuser (UCLA)
  • Collaborative Teaching & Assessment: Keeping Track of Data and the Tools We Use – Paper Co-Presentation with Jesse Heines (UMass Lowell)

Oct 2014        FabLearn 2014,  Stanford University, Oct 25-26, 2014

Aug 2014 – The First Interactive Media Performing Arts Collaborative Technology (IMPACT) Conference, NYU Steinhardt, Aug 14-16

  •  Creative Play, Musical Learning and Middle School Beta Testers – Workshop C0-Presentation with Eric Rosenbaum (MIT Media Lab)

Aug 2014 – Scratch@MIT 2014, Cambridge MA Aug 6-9

  • Scratch Projects to Enhance for Middle School Music – Co- Presentation with Jesse Heines

June 2014 –  NYU/Polytechnic Magnet Center,  June 19 & 20, 2014            

  • NSF Performamatics Workshop  Co-Presentation with Jesse Heines and Alex Ruthmann.

May 2014   – CMS Summit: Music Science and Society,  University of Washington, Seattle, May 16-17      

  • Music, Technology, and Teens with ASD: A “Social” Project Through a Music Education and Psychology Partnership. – Poster presented with Ashleigh Hillier, Alexa Queenan and Savannah Marshall.

Jan 2014 – Umass Lowell Inn & Conference Center, Jan 16 & 17, 2014         

  • NSF Performamatics Workshop  Co-Presentation with Jesse Heines and Alex Ruthmann.

Feb 2014  – FAHSS River Talks, UMass Lowell Inn & conference Center       

  • Designing music technology as a window into musical thinking-  Feb 7, 2014

Oct. 2013 – College Music Society (CMS)/Association for Technology in Music Instruction (ATMI) National Conferences Oct 30-Nov 2, 2013,  Cambridge, MA

  • CMS Pre-Conference Workshop (Invited Presentation) – Designing music technology as a window into musical thinking
  • Panel Discussion – Tech Divas and Girl Geeks: Supporting the Rising Generation of Women in Music and Technology
  • ATMI Program Chair and CMS Conference Committee Member

Sept. 2013 – Society of Music Teacher Education (SMTE),  Sept. 26-28, 2013, UNC Greensboro

May 2013 – The 12th Mountain Lake Colloquium May 19-22, 2013, Virginia

  • How We Make Two Heads Better than One: Collaborative Writing –Panel Symposium co-presentation with Suzanne Burton, (UDel) Michele Kaschub (USM) and Janice Smith (Queens College)

April 2013 – The 8th International Conference for Research in Music Education (RIME) April 9 -13th  2013   Exeter, England 

  • Music Making in iPad Jam Bands – Workshop co-presentation with Frank Heuser, UCLA-iPad iPad Apps List; iPad Scavenger Hunt
  • Collaborative Writing- Panel Symposium co-presentation with Suzanne Burton, (UDel) Michele Kaschub (USM) and Janice Smith (Queens College)

April 2013 – NAfME Eastern Division Conference, April 4-7, 2013 Hartford, CT.

  • Possibilities and Perils of Social Media and Music Education –Eastern Collegiate Chair/Pre-Conference Collegiate Workshop, Presentation by Alex Ruthmann 
  • iPads,Teens, and a College Music Methods Class: What’s the App for That?- Co-Presentation with Suzanne Burton, U of Delaware – iPad App ListiPad Scavenger Hunt Handout; Presentation PPoint

March 2013-   SIGCSE, Denver, CO. March 6-9, 2013

Jan 2013 – Lowell Inn & Conference Center Jan 17 & 18

Nov 2012  –  CMS/ATMI/NACWPI National Conferences Nov 15-18, San Diego, CA

  • The Music Within Us: A Pathway into Knowledge in Action- Co-presentation with Jeanne Bamberger
  • iPads,Teens With ASD and a College Tech Class: There is Definitely an App for That panel presentation with Brendan McConville Chair, Hillery Herndon, Dan Hoskins, Rick Schmunk and David A. Williams,

July 2012 – Scratch@MIT 2012, Cambridge MA, July 25-28 2012

July 2012 – 30th International Society for Music Education (ISME) World Conference on Music Education.  Thessaloniki, Greece, July 15-20, 2012.

July 2012 – 17th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE).  Haifa, Israel, July 3-5, 2012.

June 2012 – Lowell Inn & Conference Center June 21 & 22

April 2012 – 2012 ASEE Northeast Section Conference, Lowell, MA. April 27-28

  • NSF Performamatics   Co-Presentation with Jesse Heines

March 2012 – National Association for Music Education (NAfME) 2012 National Conference, St. Louis MO, March 28-31

  • University/School Partnerships: Lessons from Practice Co-Presentation with Frank Heuser, UCLA; Suzanne Burton, University of Delaware

Oct 2011 – Association for Technology inMusic Instruction (ATMI) 2011 Conference, Richmond, VA, Oct 19-23, 2011.      

Sept. 2011 – SMTE-Society for Music Teacher Education, University of North Carolina Greensboro Sept. 15-17

  • Reconceptualizing Music Teacher Preparation – Panel Presentation with Frank Heuser, Panel Chair; Randall Allsup; Michele Kaschub.

April 2011 – RIME 2011 7th Annual Research in Music Education Symposium, University of Exeter

  • Sound Thinking: Evaluating the effectiveness of interdisciplinary collaborations among students and faculty in music education and computer science. Paper Presentation with Alex Ruthmann
  • School University Partnerships: Accepting Change as a Constant Variable in the CurriculumPaper Presentation with Suzanne Burton

March 2011- MENC Eastern Conference, Baltimore MD

  • Popular Culture in the Music Classroom: Negations, Affirmations and Transformations-Pre-Collegiate Workshop CMENC Eastern Conference Chair-planned workshop and presided with Key-Note Randall Allsup, Teachers College Columbia University and Johann Soderman, Lund University Sweden
Sept 2010 – CMS/ATMI Conference, Minneapolis, MN
  • A View of Creativity as Learning:  Playing Across Multicultural   Divides-Showcase Presentation-Preconference Technology Workshop with Jeanne Bamberger and Michael Downton
  • SoundScape: An Interdisciplinary Music Technology Intervention for Adolescents and Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum with Ashleigh Hillier
  • Panel: Music Literacy and Music Technology with Scott Lipscomb and Dan Hoskins
  • CMS Lightning Talks: Silence is Golden

March 2010 Biennial Music Educators National Conference – Anaheim, CA

  • Perspectives on Preparing teachers to Teach Music Composition Pre-K-12 Panel Presentation with Michele Kaschub, S. Alex Ruthmann, Jackie Wiggins, Deborah Blair & Janice Smith. 2010

October 2009 ATMI/CMS Conference – Portland, OR.

  • Sound Thinking: Conceptualizing the Art and Science of Digital Audio for an Interdisciplinary General Education Course. Presentation with Dr. Jesse Heines

Sept 2009-Society of Music Teacher Education (SMTE)-, University of North Carolina Greensboro

  • School-University Partnerships: Multiple Lenses of Practice in Music Teacher Education, Chair of panel presentation with Frank Abrahams, Suzanne Burton, Timothy Brophy, Lisa Hunter and Nathan Kruse, Sept.

April 2009-AERA Annual Meeting San Diego, CA

  • SoundScape: An investigation of an Inter-disciplinary Music Intervention for Adolescents and Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum. Paper presented with Dr. Ashleigh Hillier, UML

March 2009

  • Teacher Student Feedback Loop for Technology Training in the Classroom Massachusetts Music Educators’ Association All-State Conference March 26-28 2009 With Dr. Alex Ruthmann, UML and Pat Fitzpatrick, Lowell High School
  • Music Performamatics: Interdisciplinary Interaction. ACM SIGCSE 40th Technical Symposium on CS Education, Chattanooga, TN. Heines, J.M., Greher, G.R., & Kuhn, S. UML
  • Creating Authentic Contexts for Music Teacher Preparation MENC Eastern Division Conference, Providence RI Workshop presentation with Dr. Suzanne Burton, University of Delaware

Sept 2008 ATMI 2008 Conference, Atlanta, GA,

  • One Music Teacher at a Time: A Reciprocal Model for Technology Based Professional Development. CMS/ATMI Pre-Conference Technology Workshop Showcase
  • Connecting Computer Science and Music Students to the Benefit of Both. Association for Technology in Music Instruction. Presentation with Dr. Jesse Heines
  • The Synergistic Potential of School University Partnerships.  Panel presentation at the College Music Society (CMS) National Conference “A Changing Profession in a Changing World”

July 2008 – 28th World Conference of the International Society of Music Education ISME, Bologna Italy

  • Developing Collaborative Relationships: Creating authentic contexts for music teacher preparation.  Workshop on school university partnerships with Dr. Suzanne Burton

Nov. 2007- College Music Society 50th National Conference /Association for Technology in Music Instruction (CMS/ATMI), Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Music and Multimedia: Bridging the Learning Gap for Music Teachers and Students At Risk.-ATMI Paper
  • Night & Day; Cole Porter, Hip Hip, Their Shared Sensibilities and Their Teachable Moments-CMS Paper
  • Music as Soundtrack – Community Engagement Presentation

Oct. 2007 – Center for Applied Research in Music Education (CARMU) Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan

  • One Music Teacher at a Time: A Reciprocal Model for Technology Based Professional Development and New Teacher Training

Sept. 2007 – Society of Music Teacher Education (SMTE)-, University of North Carolina Greensboro

  • Research Meets Reality in School-University Partnerships: An Analysis of Two Diverse School-University Collaborations

April  2007 – RIME 2007 5th Annual Research in Music Education Symposium

  • A Delicate Balance: When Research Meets Reality in School University Partnerships for Music Teacher Preparation. Paper presentation with Dr. Suzanne Burton.

March 2007 – 50th MENC Eastern Division Conference, Hartford, Connecticut,

  • Becoming Techno-Forward: Technology Projects for the Classroom – Presentation

Jan. 2007 – Charles Leonhard Legacy Symposium-Teachers College Columbia University, NYC

  • Transforming Music Teacher Preparation through School University Partnerships. Paper with Dr. Suzanne Burton

June 2006 – Toward Tanglewood II: Music as a Person Centered Process Teachers College Columbia University, N.Y.

  • “Technology as a Person Centered Process:  A Contextual Framework for Music Education” –An examination of the role technology has played in shaping educational practice. One of eight satellite symposia working on various educational issues in advance of the Tanglewood Symposium II, taking place on its 40th anniversary July 2007

April 2006 – MENC National Conference – Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Teacher Test Prep: A Distance Learning Approach for Music Teacher Licensure Preparation – Research Poster

Sept. 2006   –    Association for Technology in Music Instruction/College Music Society (ATMI/CMS) 49th National Conference, San Antonio

  • Multimedia and the Art of Narrative Development: Preparing Music Educators to Teach with Technology
  • Music as Soundtrack – Community Engagement Presentation

Jan.  2006 – Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) Conference

  • From Techno-Phobia to Techno-Forward: A Project Based Approach to Technology Applications in the Classroom

April 2005  – Massachusetts Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (MACTE) Conference. Wooster MA.

  • Pre- Practicum Mentorship: Q University School Partnership.  Co-Presentation with Ann C. Benjamin, Director of Lowell’s Demonstration School